About me


José Luis Ariño Gallardo

I start in falconry the year 1976.

Beeing member of the “Asociación Española de Cetrería”, I pass the exam to obtain the certification given by the Council of Madrid the 14 of November in 1987.

During the next few years, I practice falconry with peregrine falcons and goshawk, using also species like Sparrow Hahk, Hieraetus pennatus and Buteo Buteo.

I worked with SEO birdlife in several census and banding of birds.

Member during four years as CEO of AECCA, and member of the “Asociación Madrileña de Cetrería”.

Organizer of the first contest of breeding in cautivity of the “Asociación Madrileña de Cetrería”.

Collaborator as a writer in specialized  magazine of falconry, hunting and others related to natural themes.

Professor of courses of falconry organized by the University » U.Politécnica de Madrid».

Realization of prestigious falconry courses in 2006.



Finalist and 5th clasified in the first World Cup on  wild hare in Toro (Zamora, Spain), 1998.

Third clasified in the Cup of the federation of Madrid ( Spain ) on wild hare in 1999.

First place in Autonomic Cup in Madrid ( Spain ) of “waiting-on flights”  in 2004.

In the top six of the Spanish Cup in hawking ground Quarry in 2006.

Second place in the Championship of Spain of “waiting-on flights”  in Torrico Campeonato (Toledo, Spain), 2006.

Third clasified in the Spanish cup of falconry on wild hare in Toro (Zamora), 2007.

Seventh clasified in King of “waiting-on flights” in 2011.