Breeding Center


My small breeding place born from my interest for hunting with the most beutiful and brave birds of prey. I have choosen to start with pure lines of falcons coming directly from the wild, beeing their fathers natural hunters and magnificent structure. Having a small number of breeder stock, allows me to test on the field and on the hardest prey the breeding falcons.

My breeding center is in the middle of  the mountains of Madrid, trying in a small-scale attempt to recreate the most natural environment possible. The joung falcons are breeded with the most dedication to produce both physically and mentally healthy individuals for the practice of falconry. The main objective is the quality of the birds for the falconry.

In our breeding center, birds are selected with great rigor our breeding stock.

We have traveled all over Europe to get the most important bloodlines of pilgrims, fully hallmarked in the hunt, of great force and size. Normally we hunt for two seasons discarding any future parental hawk does not achieve the right quality.

Our hybrid super size and morphology are the delight in hunting falconers worldwide.

We have pure line of  Falcon Peregrine Brookeys, Falcon Peregrine Barbarys, Falcon Peregrine Scotish, Sakers Falcon, Gyr Falcon and Harris hawk (Sonora line).