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Quality hunting falcons

Quality hunting falcons

Premier Falcon Breeding Facility

My breeding center place born from my interest for hunting with the most beautiful and brave birds of prey. I have choose to start with pure lines of falcons coming directly from the wild, being their fathers natural hunters and magnificent structure. Having a small number of breeder stock, allows me to test on the field and on the hardest prey the breeding falcons.

Breeding Facility, Arino falcons

Breeding Center


Breeding Falcons

Gyr x Peregrine Falcons. Our large and morphology hybrid falcons are the delight of falconer hunting all over the world.

Saker Falcons. The bloodline come from Mongolia

Saker Falcons

The bloodline come from Mongolia . Tested successfully in hunting magpies, rabbits, partridges and seagulls.



Saker Falcons
Gerifalte x Peregrino
Jose Luis Arino 1 Falcons

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Professional and Reliable Delivery Service You Can Trust

We are CITES registered. These permits allow us to export to other CITES countries. We have successfully exported to UAE- Dubái, Arabia Saudí-Catar, Europe and other countries.

All birds are shipped from Madrid-Barajas Airport in Madrid, Spain.

All birds are shipped in IATA approved kennels for birds of prey.

+30 Years Of Experience

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 Season 2023 is coming soon!

+30 years of experience and have specialized in breeding our falcons in the most natural conditions possible.